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Veriforce is a leading global supply chain risk management. They empower the world’s largest supply chains in 120+ countries with the information and resources needed to find, hire, and onboard contractors; monitor and manage compliance and worksite safety; and make proactive, data-driven business decisions.

After a series of acquisitions, geographic expansion, and a large shift in product and marketing strategy, Veriforce needed a website that clearly presented a comprehensive, unified solution. The new site needed to support existing customer relations, drive quality website conversions with new hiring clients and contractors, and provide scalable structure and strategy for future acquisitions.


Supply Chain Risk

Management Software

Services Provided

  • Full-Service Web
  • Web Optimization
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  • Present a unified Veriforce solution for a global audience
  • Increase qualified organic SEO traffic to the website
  • Create clear, effective user journeys that provide each audience with the right message at the right time, resulting in lead capture
  • Tell a compelling, mission-centric brand story that positions Veriforce as the ideal partner for supply chain risk management
  • Build a high-performing, scalable website to support future growth through mergers and acquisitions
  • Increase quality website conversions to accelerate new customer acquisition
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When Veriforce came to Tiller, they had recently completed several mergers and acquisitions and were in the process of consolidating multiple products into one unified solution. The website did not effectively communicate the full breadth of this offering.

The site lacked clear user journeys for each unique audience, which made it challenging for different users to locate information relevant to them. The calls-to-action for all four audiences were also blended, which led to confusion around how each group should engage with Veriforce.

Veriforce needed a new website built for today, and easily scalable for tomorrow.


We needed to build a web presence that would scale with our business and guide different audiences through a variety of journeys. Our current site wasn’t built for today’s Veriforce.

Matt McGeeDirector, Creative Services


After learning the current business and website challenges and objectives, we reimagined the website strategy and site structure.

  • Crafted mega menu-led user journeys for the four key audiences to make it easy for each group to locate information relevant to them
  • Created unique calls-to-action for each audience to prompt conversion or engagement:
    • Hiring clients – showcase the range of use cases Veriforce could provide solutions for, with the call-to-action to “Talk to Sales”
    • Contractors – showcase the value of a Veriforce subscription, with the call-to-action to “Join the Network”
    • Instructors – highlight the wide range of courses they could teach and the benefits of joining the Veriforce Network, with the call-to-action to “Become an Instructor”
    • Evaluators – provide access to relevant training programs, with the call-to-action to “Become an Evaluator”
  • Created a Supply Chain Sustainability page to position Veriforce as a thought leader in the industry and lay the foundation for future “big picture” positioning
  • Created a new Veriforce ESG page to demonstrate that Veriforce walks the talk on environmental, social, and governance initiatives
  • Wrote concise, value-driven copy that focused on emphasizing what customers could achieve with Veriforce over what product they would use to achieve it
  • Elevated the Veriforce brand on the website using industry-specific and human-focused photography
  • Expanded the visual language by introducing the Veriforce “V” as a strong brand element throughout the site
  • Reimagined how their existing brand identity could be leveraged for an engaging user experience to drive conversion
  • Collaborated with the internal brand and product teams to develop new iconography and product illustrations that communicated key features of the SaaS solution
  • Implemented component-based development to ensure the website is easily scalable in the future
  • Implemented multilingual functionality with six languages at the time of launch, with the ability to add additional languages in the future
  • Implemented a focused keyword strategy across all core pages on the website to drive organic web traffic
Veriforce CTA graphic


The new Veriforce website was launched with:

  • 4 core audience-specific user journeys that guide each group to their CTA
  • 7 use case pages that demonstrate the breadth of the Veriforce product offering
  • 11 unique industry pages that communicate the range of complex supply chains served
  • 6 languages that support ongoing global expansion

Within two months post-launch Veriforce increased the number of ranking keywords by 26%, a positive indicator of long-term web traffic growth.

increase in website visitors post-launch
increase in ranking keywords post-launch
weeks from strategy to launch

I was surprised by how well-organized, communicative, and strategic the project was. Tiller exceeded my expectations throughout the project and is by far one of the best agencies I’ve ever worked with.

Matt McGeeDirector, Creative Services

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