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Solutionreach is the leading patient communication and engagement software. They have been pioneering the healthcare space for over 23 years. In fact, they invented the text message appointment reminder.

Having completed multiple rebrands and website redesigns over the years, Solutionreach understood the value of website evolutions. They came to us with a fresh brand identity, brand architecture, and messaging framework in hand, ready to apply it all to their website and share their new brand with the world.


Patient Communications and Engagement Software

Services Provided

  • Full-Service Web
  • Web Optimization
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Position Solutionreach as a thought leader and innovative market leader

  • Apply the new brand to the website and leverage the website launch for the brand reveal
  • Communicate the value Solutionreach drives for practices and patients; shift the conversation from individual features to value and partnerships
  • Consolidate the sitemap to improve the user journey and reduce friction; support the defined brand architecture and messaging framework
  • Transition the website from HubSpot CMS to WordPress CMS
  • Prioritize conversion copywriting while maintaining organic website traffic
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Solutionreach has been leading the charge in patient communications for over two decades. In many ways, their length of tenure is an advantage. But it can make overhauling the website difficult. The website had been building domain authority and SEO traction for years. It had also been accumulating pages. And pages, and pages, and pages. Prior to this rebuild, the Solutionreach sitemap boasted 72 core pages.

The accumulation of pages led to fragmented messaging. Some of the content had become outdated and, though the volume of pages contributed to organic SEO, it muddied the user journey. They needed to drive conversions with small to medium-sized (SMB) practices as well as large enterprise organizations. And these audiences needed different content at different stages of the journey, all with the end goal of booking a demo.

The variety of calls to action (CTAs) didn’t help with this. While “Download Content”, “Speak to a Consultant”, and “Get a Demo” were all technically relevant CTAs, Solutionreach wanted to focus on generating more demand for demos.

The resource hub was home to an enormous volume of content, but with each passing year, content became harder for users to find and for Solutionreach to manage. This was partially due to their content management system (CMS). Solutionreach was frustrated with how content was managed within HubSpot and wanted to explore the idea of switching to WordPress.

As a deeply user-first company, the Solutionreach team was eager to consolidate the website, prioritize the user experience, and move to WordPress — all without losing SEO traction.

Solutionreach Sitemap


Solutionreach came to Tiller with a full toolbox: fresh brand identity, clear brand architecture, and a comprehensive messaging framework. They handed them off to Tiller and we got to work.

The success of the website hinged on a strategic restructuring of the sitemap. We collaborated closely with Solutionreach and their SEO agency to align on a sitemap that would prioritize the user experience without sacrificing too much on organic SEO.

After a few collaborative iterations, we aligned on a strategy that could serve both user and search engine:

  • Split out the Platform into three pages:
    • Platform Overview — a robust feature-focused page that made it easy for users to see all functionality in one place
    • Patient Communications — a value-driven page that speaks to a practice’s need to improve communications with their patients
    • Office Operations — a value-driven page that speaks to a practice’s need to improve staff efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction
  • Created audience-specific user journeys for small to medium-sized practices (Dental, Vision, or Other Healthcare) and enterprise organizations. These pages called out the unique pain points of each group and promoted features relevant to business size and specialty.
  • Created individual feature pages for those users that need more details before booking a demo. But we deprioritized them in the user journey by nesting them in a secondary mega menu.

Tiller added valuable strategic insight throughout our web redesign

Anne Howard, Chief Marketing Officer

Solutionreach megamenu

We built the new website and integrated it with WordPress, which gave Solutionreach more control over content management and will make the website easier to scale as new vertical pages are added.

With the messaging framework in hand, we wrote clear, value-driven copy that struck the right balance between confident industry leader and compassionate patient-focused partner. Then we brought the copy to life with the new brand identity. We expanded the brand guidelines with variations of patterns and flourishes that added visual interest across the site, along with combinations of platform illustrations, icons, and people-focused photography.

To address the difference in sitemap size, we collaborated with Solutionreach’s SEO agency to create an efficient redirect and no-index plan. At launch, the new website had 29 pages, 60% smaller than the original.


They clearly communicated our product’s value, not just the features.

Elizabeth Lewis, Director of Product Marketing

Solutionreach icons


The Solutionreach team was thrilled with their new website. All of their time and effort on branding ahead of the web project, and working with us to completely reimagine the web experience, paid off. There was instant positive feedback from the internal team, customers, and partners.

After a 60% reduction in core pages, Solutionreach achieved 12% more organic web traffic just two months post-launch.

increase in organic web traffic two months post-launch
increase in form completions

They took our vision and delivered a truly impressive site we can all be very proud of. And we’ve received wonderful website feedback both internally and externally.

Gina Vlosky, Director of Demand Generation

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