From teenage startup to the
agency for SaaS.

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Meet the Founder.

In 2008, Chantelle launched a tiny video production and web design company from her parents’ loft. She was 19 years old and halfway through a business degree.

15 years later, she is part of the 0.1% of female agency founders. Chantelle is relentless in her pursuit of learning and is driven by a deep desire to help businesses and individuals grow — and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

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The meaning behind the name.

In the nautical world, a tiller is part of the steering system of a vessel. This is how we see our role. Whether we’re crafting a brand, building a website, or disrupting the industry, we guide and navigate around obstacles to the next destination.


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It starts … well, Little.

Chantelle Little launches TAC Marketing using her university scholarship and hires the first employee within a year. We begin with video production and quickly expand to web design and development.


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Moving upmarket.

Demand for our services increases. We grow our team and offering to include branding and product design and begin attracting larger businesses. We rise to the occasion and rebrand from TAC Marketing to Tiller Digital.


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Niching down.

After years of working with many tech and software brands, we see an opportunity to drive more value for the tech ecosystem. We niche down and dedicate ourselves to serving B2B SaaS. Oh, and we upgraded our office too.

Our Vision for the Future

To elevate software brands to reach their true potential.

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We are constantly reinventing ourselves — as an agency and as individuals. We are all-in on growth and stand by our motto: “No ceilings”.

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