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StellarAlgo is a fan engagement platform that helps sports and entertainment properties, and their partners, boost fan engagement and drive revenue. Their innovative technology, world-class customer support, and commitment to simplifying fan engagement brought them Series A funding in 2021 and set the stage for a breakout year in 2022.

With aggressive plans to scale and raise Series B, StellarAlgo needed a brand refresh and a website that clearly communicated their value proposition to the world’s largest and most recognizable sports and entertainment brands.


Sports and Entertainment Fan Engagement

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  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Personality
  • Full-Service Web
  • Web Optimization
  • Sales Enablement
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  • Elevate the brand to enable a Series B raise
  • Reimagine how StellarAlgo talks about their product offering on their website
  • Restructure the website to make it easier for different audiences to find products and solutions relevant to them
  • Create an attractive and inviting employer brand to enable rapid team growth
  • Use the website launch as a natural springboard to take the new brand to market
  • Develop a comprehensive brand system
  • Create a robust sales enablement toolkit
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StellarAlgo closed a $16.5 Million Series A in the fall of 2021 with plans to scale aggressively and raise Series B. But they realized they had a branding issue.

The existing brand identity didn’t communicate the energy and passion of the industry or the modern innovation of their technology. The StellarAlgo team was still very attached to the original brand mark (a dial). They wanted to evolve the logo and brand while still honouring the company’s history.

StellarAlgo also struggled to explain the product offering in a way that each of their target audiences could understand.

  • Data teams needed technical insight into how the product actually handles data behind the scenes.
  • Marketing teams needed to see how easy the platform is to use in everyday work.
  • Business executives needed to know how the platform would help them achieve revenue objectives.

Historically, StellarAlgo relied heavily on their technical expertise and ability to create value for data teams. But as the company grew, they needed to make it easier for all kinds of job titles to see the value of the platform.

One of the biggest changes to be made was terminology. StellarAlgo had positioned the platform as a Customer Data Platform (CDP). But over time they found that teams, leagues, and parent organizations weren’t interested in a CDP. Many of them already had one. But what they didn’t have was an easy way to understand and engage their fans.

They realized they needed to stop marketing the platform as a CDP and start leading with the value it could create.

StellarAlgo megamenu website

Finding the right partners is crucial to scaling a SaaS company. Team Tiller brings a level of expertise and experience I haven’t encountered anywhere else. They’ve made themselves a critical part of our business and strategy.

Vincent Ircandia, Founder & CEO, StellarAlgo


Throughout the creative process, we anchored ourselves to the concept of unlocking the passion and potential of a fan. This influenced everything from colour palette and patterns to word choice and imagery style.

To pay homage to the original brand mark, we explored variations of the dial. We landed on a similar mark, but changed the composition and colour. We also adjusted the placement of the needle. The original dial had the needle pointing down to the right, which communicated that speed was already maxed out and there was no room for acceleration. We moved the dial back to showcase how StellarAlgo helps sports and entertainment brands accelerate success — and there’s always room for more.

With the new brand identity in hand, we turned our attention to the website:

  • Reimagined the product pages. Instead of focusing on what a product was (e.g. a type of CDP), we emphasized who it was for and what they could do with it. We organized products according to the teams that would use them, which allowed us to tailor the copy to the specific needs of each audience.
  • Wrote all new website copy with the newly defined brand personality. The copy was concise and to the point and used technical information as supporting details only where necessary for credibility.
  • Created dedicated solution pages for major leagues, emerging leagues, live events, etc. These pages were designed as hubs to house relevant product info, news articles, and marketing strategies. These pages are also effectively landing pages to enable sales.
  • Created comprehensive company pages to give prospective hires the inside track on StellarAlgo’s team culture.
  • Introduced directional design through repeatable wave patterns and linework to guide users down the page.
  • Brought the theme of passion and energy to life through fan-focused photography and illustrations and brightly coloured icons.

Team Tiller has been a secret weapon for us in achieving scale. They do the work upfront to understand our business and swiftly work to bring our opportunities into focus.

Troy Heibein, Chief Revenue Officer, StellarAlgo

StellarAlgo PFA


StellarAlgo received an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the new brand and website from their internal team, existing and prospective customers, and investors.

Rapid and accelerated growth followed …

  • Grew team Stellar from 46 to 85+
  • Added company hubs in Toronto and Vancouver
  • Launched a US subsidiary with team members in major US markets
  • Signed a multi-year deal and partnership with the NBA in January 2023
  • Became an AWS Sports Industry Partner
  • Added 66 new partners in 2022 including major sports properties from the NBA, NHL, MLS, and NFL; media giant, Warner Bros. Discovery Sports; Skip the Dishes, Toyota, and more
  • 29% increase in organic web traffic six months post-launch
  • 3% increase in session duration six months post-launch

Tiller has a deep understanding of the SaaS technology landscape with the vision, skills, and experience to help us execute at the highest level. They are everything I could have hoped for from an agency partner, and more, which is why they’ve become an invaluable extension of our marketing function as we continue to scale.

Shannon McClennan-Taylor,Content Marketing Manager, StellarAlgo

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