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LIDD is a supply chain consulting firm based in Montreal, Quebec. Operating with a uniquely holistic approach, LIDD acts as a committed practitioner, helping companies make capital-justified investments at every stage of their supply chain journey.

Having recently opened offices across Korea, the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, LIDD’s team needed a world-class brand to capture global attention. Ready to start from the ground up, LIDD partnered with Tiller to undergo a complete brand and website refresh.


Supply Chain Consulting

Services Provided

  • Brand Development
  • Full-Service Web
  • Web Optimization
  • Marketing Materials
  • Sales Enablement
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  • Use the website to nurture key business relationships
  • Attract and retain world-class talent
  • Win over high-value PE firms
  • Build brand equity with current and prospective technology partners
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From 2021 to 2022, LIDD significantly expanded their global business reach, launching them into direct competition with the world’s premiere consulting firms.

For LIDD to compete with leading firms, their website needed to prove to prospective employees, partners, and clients that they were truly “world-class” without as many years in business.

With industry-agnostic capabilities across supply chain strategy, design, engineering, and technology, LIDD needed to differentiate their industry expertise from their actual service offering to communicate their business value more clearly.

While some vendors focus on targeted consulting or specific technology implementations, LIDD needed to clearly communicate that they are both a service and consulting firm and that they work across both physical and digital supply chain infrastructure.

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We positioned LIDD as a world-class supply chain consulting firm in everything we did, from rebranding the logo and colour palette to writing bold CTAs.

We developed a messaging framework highlighting LIDD’s mix of domain and technical expertise and their committed approach to customer success. By infusing strong values into LIDD’s key messaging, we achieved a uniquely human consulting brand that resonates with every core audience.

To modernize LIDD’s visual identity, we reimagined their brand palette from green and orange to rich blacks, stark whites, and bold scarlet reds. We introduced layered geometric patterns inspired by the LIDD logo into the website background and added iconography to balance text-heavy callouts.

A strong strategic vision, messaging framework, and visual identity all came together to create LIDD’s new website:

  • Strengthened LIDD’s brand architecture with a research-backed foundation to guide all future marketing and sales materials.
  • Restructured LIDD’s sitemap to separate service offerings from industries to help different users more easily find what they need.
  • Consolidated LIDD’s offerings into core focus areas to include supply chain consulting, technology, distribution center design, and facility implementation.
  • Translated the site into multiple languages to better serve diverse, international audiences using clear, jargon-free copy.
  • Polished the brand with a  bold voice, clean black, white, and red grid design, and human-centric photography to establish a ‘world-class’ brand that is still deeply human.
  • Captured LIDD’s holistic business approach by tailoring every supply chain solution page to specific business challenges, organizational culture, change management requirements, and future needs.
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New look, new LIDD.

LIDD launched their website on June 13th, 2022, and immediately received positive reviews from employees, clients, and stakeholders.

By transforming LIDD from the ground up, Tiller helped them bring a “world-class” brand to life, enabling global business opportunity and growth.

Within nine months post-website launch:

  • Average session duration increased by 13%
  • Bounce rates decreased by 14%
  • Reduced average page load time by 1.17 seconds

Our ongoing successful partnership with LIDD led us to work with LIDD’s subsidiary company, Onomatic, to undertake a full-service brand and website project.

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