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Why you need your website built with responsive web design services.

Responsively designed websites automatically scale their content and key design elements to match whatever device or desktop screen your website visitors are using.

Design thinking

We now have a better understanding of how humans interact with and consume content, and use a design thinking methodology to deliver your users a natural, intuitive experience.

Optimized user experience

Responsively designed sites make it easy for your users to access content without awkward scrolling or hunting around for the information they need.

Search engine optimization

Search engine algorithms will now penalize websites that are not responsive or mobile friendly. Your site needs to be seamless across screens and devices for ranking purposes.

Simple management

With responsive web design services, you only have to manage one site. There’s no longer a site for each device. Anytime you change content in the CMS it will update for all users on all devices.

How responsive web design services work.


On this full screen desktop layout, there’s significant room on the screen to show the design elements. Element #1 remains the largest and is the first place that draws the user’s eye. All other elements then follow in turn drawing the user through the experience.


This tablet screen has less physical space so the design elements dynamically stack on top of each other, still keeping the hierarchical priority of the elements we see in the desktop layout. They also retain their general relative size on the screen.


In this mobile device orientation, each individual design element stacks in a single column, which allows the user to scroll and experience the content in the same natural order as it is presented on tablet and desktop.

Did you know?

47.96% of internet traffic now comes from mobile devices. Globally, mobile traffic will increase seven-fold between now and 2022. This means mobile-first design will become increasingly critical.

Want to know more about design?

Development is the final step in our process but it’s usually preceded by web design. We’ll design your site to be beautiful and functional.

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I love, love, LOVE the layout of the site. In particular, that it’s not the same as every other one out there. It is fresh, unique, fun, and professional. Well done!

Dee Sicklesteel
Sales Manager, Aprio

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