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Why do you need brand strategy consulting?

The most successful companies develop and deploy a comprehensive brand strategy to make purposeful and strategic marketing decisions. They don’t wing it. Neither should you.

What value does brand strategy consulting offer?

Your brand strategy provides a blueprint for how you will achieve your goals over a medium-to-long timeframe. It defines your brand and creates guidelines for how you’ll promote it in the market. It should guide all of your marketing decisions.

Our collaborative brand definition process.

We work closely with you to define your core brand elements and create a powerful brand strategy. We audit any existing brand assets, create a comprehensive strategic brief, and then lead a discovery and development process where we create and refine your brand.

What are the core elements of your brand?

Core brand elements include the items below. They form the DNA of your brand and should directly inform all key assets, including your website, communications, and marketing activities.

Brand Positioning

Your brand positioning is a highly-focused single statement that carves out your unique value proposition in the market.

Brand Differentiators

Brand differentiators separate your brand strategy and development from all other competitors, outlining why a customer should choose you over them.

Brand Voice

Brand voice gives your team clear guidance on the preferred tone and feel they should deliver in all written marketing communications.

Brand Personality

Your brand personality imbues your brand strategy and development with key human qualities, making it relatable and helping your customers connect with it.

Competitive Review

A competitive review summarizes the landscape in which you’ll be competing. It analyzes your competitors and their offerings.

Persona Development

Personas represent your customers. They stand in for the people you’re trying to reach and help you better communicate with them.

Visual brand identity

Your visual brand identity incorporates all the key visual elements of your brand, from logo to colour palette and beyond.

Key Messaging

Key messages outline exactly what you’ll communicate about your company and its key products and services. They provide input for our copywriters as they write your website and give your team the messages they will consistently repeat in the market.

We really wanted to work with collaborators who could connect the dots for us and help us understand not only what needed to be done, but why it should be done that way.

Avi Silverberg
Co-founder, MyStrengthBook

Our brand strategy consulting packages.

We offer brand strategy consulting packages with and without key messaging materials depending on what you need to be successful.


  • Brand differentiators
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand personality
  • Brand voice
  • Key messaging


  • Brand differentiators
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand personality
  • Brand voice
  • Key messaging

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