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Your logo. Custom designed.

Our team leads you through an iterative, creative process to design your logo, the basis for your overall brand identity design. We explore sketches, styles, and colours and ensure you have opportunities to provide input throughout.


We always begin with a strategic phase where we get clarity on your business goals, key audiences and the core brand elements we’ll leverage to meet your needs.

Creative Brief

We write and share a brief that outlines a creative approach and requirements for your brand. This helps align our team with yours as we begin the creative process.


We explore many potential directions and iterations for your logo and then present the most promising concepts to you in digital or hand-drawn form.


We take shortlisted sketches and deepen them into more polished black and white concepts. This is also where we start to refine icons, lettering, and other visual elements.

Colour Concept

Here we introduce colour for the first time. We apply it to the selected black and white concept and further fine tune the details.

Style Tiles

We use style tiles to represent how the colour concept would feel in various contexts. These are tailored to possible use cases for your brand.


We explore and define your primary colour palette, identify supporting colours for accents, highlights and notifications, and incorporate neutral colours to support your overall brand identity.


Because your brand identity design is more than just your logo, we carefully consider and select the typographic elements that will deliver to your strategic goals and complement the logo and brand colours.

Logo Package

We provide variations of your logo to suit both digital and print uses. We provide these in both colour and black and white formats.

Brand Guidelines

As a guide for the use of all these visual elements we provide you a brand guidelines document. Learn more about brand guidelines.

We look and sound so good! I’m still in shock at how smooth this process was. Tiller has been one of the best partners I have worked with for a rebranding. Their approach and talent speak for themselves.

Hannah Mans
Director of Marketing, Directive Consulting

Our visual branding packages.

We offer two different brand identity design packages to suit your specific needs. The table below outlines the differences between the two.


  • Logo
  • Logo Package
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Primary Colour Palette
  • Secondary Colour Palette
  • Typography


  • Logo
  • Logo Package
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Primary Colour Palette
  • Secondary Colour Palette
  • Typography

Let us help you find the right choice for your brand.

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We can create a wide selection of additional brand assets.

With your brand identity design in place, we can then create a wider suite of visual brand assets for you to use in all kinds of communications.

  • Content marketing
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Case studies
  • eBooks
  • Slide decks
  • Annual reports
  • Brochures
  • Letterhead

Supercharge your marketing with key collateral items.

If you need support creating collateral for your go-to-market plans, we can help. We provide all sorts of collateral to help you build your brand and get deals closed.

Want to know more about how we create your overall brand strategy?

Your brand is more than just visual elements. It’s the sum total of all the writing, design, development and communications work you do. We help you get it right.

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Tiller definitely contributed to our recent success. The work they did on our logo and website gave us credibility and legitimacy with a whole new tier of audience.

Joel Klettke
Founder, Case Study Buddy

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