Graphic Design

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is the art and profession of creating visual communications. Graphic designers manage the visual identity of a brand from the logo to the colour palette to the illustrations. Graphic design is often used in a wide range of marketing materials.  

Common graphic design services 
Investor decks

A custom-designed slide deck for investors that is consistent with your brand identity. 

Blog graphics

Unique graphics to pair with your blog content.

Social media graphics

Tailored social media graphics, properly formatted for each of your channels. 

Email campaigns

Drip campaign graphics for newsletters, company updates, and more. 

Annual reports

Visual assets for financial reviews, stakeholder updates, and AGMs.


Custom graphics, illustrations, and professional photography for ad-hoc digital or print marketing needs. 

Event graphics

Advertising visuals for internal and external event marketing. 

Case studies

Branded case study graphics for customer success stories. 

Related Terms

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Brand strategy involves translating your technical offering into a clear value proposition and backing it up with a messaging framework and brand personality you can own.

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