The Goodlawyer story: Improving both sides of the legal equation

Chantelle Little
July 13, 2021
4 min read
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Alberta’s tech sector is alive and thriving. And as an ecosystem partner, we want to highlight the people and stories behind that growth.

So we’re giving you the inside track into how some of Alberta’s prominent tech companies got started, the challenges they’ve faced, and their take on the future of tech in Alberta.

We interviewed Brett Colvin, Co-Founder and CEO at Goodlawyer, whose Canada-wide network of independent lawyers is helping Canadian business owners save serious time and money on legal matters.

Here’s what Brett had to say…

What does Goodlawyer do and how are you making an impact?

Brett: “Goodlawyer is a platform that connects entrepreneurs across Canada with independent lawyers who are able to offer their services faster and more affordably than ever. No billable hours. Just upfront prices and terrific service delivered over a platform that fundamentally changes the way lawyers deliver legal services to Canadian business owners. We are making it easier than ever to get the professional legal help these business owners need to succeed, and so far the reception from entrepreneurs and lawyers has been incredible.”

What were the biggest challenges you faced in the early startup days of the company?

Brett: “Losing a co-founder and making the difficult decision to pivot were the biggest challenges we faced early on. Fortunately, our relationships survived and Goodlawyer is growing faster than ever.”

What marketing activities have you prioritized/invested in? What has worked well for you?

Brett: “We are obsessed with delivering an amazing experience for our Goodlawyer customers, so customer referrals have been a huge source of our traction. We’ve also invested heavily in producing free educational content (like our weekly webinars) that helps business owners identify legal issues and know where to go for help. LinkedIn has also been a great place to increase our brand recognition and build our network of good lawyers across Canada.”

How has COVID impacted Goodlawyer?

Brett: “COVID was difficult for everyone. Luckily, we were in a position to work remotely without skipping a beat. We also made the decision at the beginning of the pandemic to offer free legal advice sessions to any Canadians that needed legal answers during that fast-changing and stressful period. We were able to help hundreds of Canadians get the legal help they needed fast, and were able to start establishing Goodlawyer as a trusted brand across Canada.”

What’s on the horizon for Goodlawyer post-pandemic?

Brett: “Doubling down on all of our efforts to help entrepreneurs succeed, with the added benefit of in-person collaboration. We just moved into our first ever Goodlawyer HQ (that wasn’t my kitchen table), the team has grown to over 20 people, and we are making considerable strides towards our goal of becoming the number one trusted legal partner for startups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners across Canada.”

What do you think the future holds for the Alberta tech sector? Please comment on industry trends you may have observed, investor growth, etc.

Brett: “I’m incredibly bullish on Alberta because of the undeniable entrepreneurial spirit that we have in the Prairies. It has been a difficult time of transition for many, but I have no doubt that Alberta’s tech sector has bright days ahead. We’re already seeing it with the significant increase in local investment, as well as the continued growth in the number of startups and tech companies, like Goodlawyer, that are choosing to call Alberta home.”

What Alberta tech startup(s) are you currently watching and why?

Brett: “I spend 99% of my days watching the Goodlawyer show, but there are some truly amazing local companies that are leading the charge here in Calgary. Symend is definitely one of the most exciting to watch as they continue to grow at hyper-speed.”

What advice would you give to someone considering starting a tech company in Alberta?

Brett: “Make sure you love the problem and the people you’re going out to solve it with. Building a company is incredibly hard and you need to have that core purpose and support system if you’re going to be able to make it through the whole journey.”

What’s your must-read, listen, or watch for anyone in tech?

Brett: “‘Good To Great’. It’s an incredible read.”


More Alberta tech stories to come…

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