Meet Zaui

Zaui is a Vancouver-based software company that helps tour and transportation companies deliver exceptional guest experiences through a robust online reservation system.

Why now?

Zaui came to Tiller with an out-of-date website – including design, content, and functionality. The site no longer communicated the breadth of their offering and pages were cluttered with content. It was also incredibly challenging for their team to manage the content on the backend. To grow qualified leads and conversions, Zaui needed a complete rebuild and redesign.

The project objectives

  • Elevate the user experience for Zaui customers visiting the website
  • Reimagine the website design to capture the fun and adventure of travel
  • Improve the quality of qualified leads and form conversions
  • Position Zaui as a global leader in the tour and transportation industry
  • Develop a clean code WordPress site that’s easy for the Zaui team to update

What Tiller provided

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Copy Optimization
  • Technical SEO


Before diving into the design, we first created a content strategy that would bring more cohesion to Zaui’s offering. There was an abundance of relevant information to share, but we had to make it obvious what the various features were and who exactly they were for.


Charting a course for design

Zaui serves businesses in the tour and transportation space, an industry filled with energy, excitement, and new experiences. We sought to capture this energy with a travel theme. This set the tone and direction for all design elements throughout the project.


Travelling through colour and illustrations

To bring the travel theme to life we expanded the colour palette to include blues and greens that felt fresh and earthy. We then established an illustration style that was techy and accurately represented their software, while using themed flourishes and accents throughout to maintain a cohesive theme.

zaui illustration


Zaui had a wealth of information to share with the tour and transportation community, including product and feature info, helpful resources, and industry applications. Our mission was to make the website feel fresh and clean and highlight the value Zaui had to offer. We improved the overall navigation of the website and structured content in a way that was easy to find and digest. Restructuring the website enabled Zaui to speak more specifically to different subsets of the tour and transportation industry and ultimately generate new business opportunities.

computer graphic
zaui illustration
zaui illustration
background deco Phone interface on Zaui's marketplaces selling connection
Phone interface on Zaui's marketplaces selling connection
Phone interface on Zaui's marketplaces selling connection

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