LiveAction is the first all-in-one network intelligence platform. Proprietary data repository and machine learning technology transform network data into highly actionable insights that IT teams can apply to improve network performance and proactively respond to threats.

After heavily investing in product development, LiveAction was ready to turn their focus to the website to optimize the code, improve the user experience, and better communicate their unique value to the market.


Financial Analysis Automation Software

Services Provided

  • Full-service web


  • Apply the recent rebrand to the website
  • Communicate unique selling points to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Simplify the website navigation and user journey
  • Reorganize the robust resource center to make it easier for users to filter and find content
  • Communicate the value of bundling LiveAction products for specific use cases
  • Build a flexible website that’s easy for the LiveAction team to edit and scale
  • Increase high-quality organic web traffic
LiveAction Graphics Map


LiveAction’s website had an overwhelming amount of technical content. Product and solution pages captured features in extensive detail and ranked high on the SERP for many technical keywords. But even though LiveAction’s SEO strategy brought in a lot of traffic, it couldn’t keep users on the site. Visitors weren’t scrolling, clicking, or converting. We identified a few contributing factors:

  • A cluttered dropdown menu made for a convoluted user journey. Users didn’t understand what LiveAction’s branded product names represented or how they related to the problem they were trying to solve.
  • Little visual variation, few value-driven headlines, and long walls of text made it challenging for users to scan or digest content.
  • Copy was laden with technical jargon that wasn’t easily understood by marketers or business analyst audience segments.
  • Product illustrations were complex and difficult to understand.


LiveAction came to Tiller following a rebrand. We applied the new brand identity to the website, transforming it from dull to dominating by contrasting stark white and vibrant colors against an inky black background.

We collaborated with LiveAction and a third-party SEO agency to identify 61 of 137 pages that could be removed without negatively impacting quality traffic or the user experience.

We built a clean mega menu to organize product and solutions pages and included page descriptions to make it easy for users to find the content they were looking for.

  • Solutions pages were split into two categories, commonly known in the industry: “Network Performance Management” and “Network Security”.
  • Product pages were branded with logos and included subtext to clarify the purpose and value of each product.
  • Resources were categorized by “Read” “Watch”, “Listen”, or “Attend” to make it easier for visitors to find and consume content in their preferred medium.

To move from feature-focused to value-driven copy, we analyzed customer insights, pain points, goals, and product differentiators. We strategically mapped content to wireframes to establish clear content hierarchies and compelling narratives.

We focused on:

  • Scannable headlines to highlight the use cases and value of each product and solution.
  • Testimonials and statistics to build credibility throughout the user journey.
  • Key product benefits in headlines and bullet points to improve readability and retention.
  • Interactive product screenshots to visually communicate key software features.


The new LiveAction website is cleaner, bolder, and much more effective. The streamlined navigation makes it easy for users to quickly find relevant content while value-driven copy and visuals tell a clear and compelling story on every page. With a fresh brand identity and significantly improved user experience, LiveAction is well-positioned to gain credibility and turn more traffic into leads.

reduction in sitemap
increase in page views per user post-launch

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