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Higher pre-launch email signups than client goal


Subscriber to customer conversion rate


Unique visitors to marketing site pre-launch


Active users in first 60 days

MyStrengthBook is a platform (SaaS) that allows athletes to track and analyze their training data to build better workouts and improve performance.

The company has launched into the single sport market of powerlifting and is growing their product for additional sports.

With Tiller, you’re guaranteed that whatever your expectations are, the end product will exceed them in both design and development. They can work on tight deadlines, execute on very complex ideas and they genuinely care about the success of your product.

Avi Silverberg
01: The Challenge

MyStrengthBook founders Avi Silverberg (CEO) and Mike MacDonald (CFO) have both competed for the Canadian national powerlifting team and won medals in world championship competition. The idea for MyStrengthBook grew out of their desire to better understand their own training data and that of the athletes Avi coached.

Avi and Mike created a prototype using Microsoft Excel, but the resulting spreadsheets were not user friendly and could not accommodate the algorithms necessary for meaningful analysis. The men began looking for a team to help them design, develop and market a custom software solution from the ground up.

When we sat down with other companies, we felt like they talked over our heads. We knew powerlifting, but we weren’t software guys.

We wanted to work with collaborators who could break things down and connect the dots for us…a team who could explain not only what needed to be done, but guide us through things that we hadn’t thought about from a technical development standpoint.

02: The Solution

To understand the end user and inform the development process, Tiller’s team began by studying powerlifting with the help of Avi and Mike: from the culture and terminology of the niche to proper powerlifting technique and the meaning behind the metrics. Tiller then created MyStrengthBook’s visual identity (logo, brand guidelines).

Next, Tiller created a marketing website to help validate the idea and generate immediate leads. Development included SendGrid integration for email capture and campaign automation.

Finally, Tiller led all elements of MyStrengthBook’s product development, from advising on the most appropriate technologies for the build (Node.js, ReactJS) to designing, building and testing alpha, beta and final versions of the product.

Throughout the process, Tiller’s frontend developers, backend developers, designers and dedicated project manager met regularly to collaborate on technical challenges.

Our solution, development wise, is actually quite complex given the algorithms that are at play. Tiller had the ability to handle the transition of data happening behind the scenes and push it back to the user in a seamless, beautiful way. It was the marriage of design and development that Tiller could deliver that was important to us.

03: The Result


Higher pre-launch email signups than client goal

Actual results dramatically outperformed expectations.


Subscriber to customer conversion rate

MyStrengthBook is now well positioned for continued growth.


Unique visitors to marketing site pre-launch

Over 11,000 unique visitors viewed the marketing site pre-launch, with the majority being referred through Reddit, Instagram, and Facebook. The site drove more than 2,350 subscribers prior to launch and 1,988 active users in just 60 days.


Active users in first 60 days

The client’s initial goals were to reach 200 email sign ups prior to launch and acquire 1,200 users within 90 days.

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