liveweb is a Calgary-based tech startup that helps businesses deliver exceptional customer experience with a website-based, all-in-one customer support tool. liveweb was recently honoured as a Startup Calgary 2020 Top 15 Finalist.

The challenge

Establish brand credibility, clearly present the product offering, successfully integrate with FrontApp, and acquire initial users.

The liveweb team had bootstrapped their brand, landing page, and product design to attract early adopters but they were struggling to clearly communicate their offering to investors and prospects. To attract and convert their ideal customers they needed to refresh their brand identity and invest in product UX/UI design to build customer confidence. They also needed help strategizing how to best integrate their own product into their website to immediately demo liveweb to prospects.

  • Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Workshop
  • Brand Identity
  • Copywriting
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Product Design
  • Content Marketing
See the website in action.

Launch Site

The solution

liveweb’s very own, fully-integrated marketing and product team.

We kicked off our engagement with liveweb with a Brand Development Workshop to understand their vision, goals, and priorities for both their website and product. Armed with this insight, we fully redesigned liveweb’s product UX/UI and completed beta testing. The new website boasted their refreshed logo, modern UI design, and liveweb’s own product for hosting customer demos. To make the value proposition clear, we compared the old way to the liveweb way. To help liveweb communicate the opportunity to investors, we collaborated with them to write and design an investor deck that was packed with all the key ingredients needed to secure new funding. We also worked with their team to complete a critical integration with FrontApp to help facilitate early customer acquisition.

The result

A clearly communicated offering, beautiful product UX/UI, successful integration with FrontApp, and a growing customer base.

Since the launch of their new landing page in September 2020, liveweb has successfully integrated with FrontApp, who introduced them to over 6,000 of their business customers. Only 24 hours after the integration announcement, liveweb had already received 16 early access signups. liveweb was also selected to participate in the Connection Silicon Valley Customer and Market Acceleration Program, as well as the GrowthX and Accelerprise accelerator programs. They were also named to the top 15 Calgary-based startups at the 2020 Startup Calgary Launch Party.



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