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liveweb is a Calgary-based tech startup that helps businesses deliver exceptional customer experience with a website-based, all-in-one customer support tool. liveweb was recently honoured as a Startup Calgary 2020 Top 15 Finalist.

Why now?

The liveweb team had bootstrapped their brand, landing page, and product design to attract early adopters but they were struggling to clearly communicate their offering to investors and prospects. To attract and convert an initial customer base, they needed to clarify their brand objectives, modernize their brand identity, and elevate both product and website UX/UI design to make it attractive and easy for new customers to engage.

The project objectives

  • Refresh and modernize the visual brand identity
  • Clearly communicate the value proposition and differentiators
  • Create an attractive and intuitive onboarding experience
  • Attract an initial customer base of FrontApp customers utilizing the liveweb integration

What Tiller provided

  • Brand Development
  • Brand Workshop
  • Brand Identity
  • Copywriting
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Product Design
  • Content Marketing
Thank you and congratulations to Chantelle and her fantastic team at Tiller on a tremendous amount of critically important work communicating liveweb’s value proposition to the world via our website. This is the best update to the liveweb story I can imagine!
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Trent Johnson,
Founder & CEO, liveweb

Laying the foundation

We kicked off our collaboration with liveweb with a Brand Workshop to clarify their brand and lay a foundation for the website, product, and marketing to be built upon. liveweb was trying to change how people engage with companies at websites, so they needed to confidently position themselves as a new but necessary business technology. With this ambitious goal in mind, brand positioning (including target market, brand character, and more) was a critical first step in our engagement.


Revitalizing the visuals

New technology needs to feel new, yet professional and credible. This is what we went after in brand identity. We crafted a modern, professional, and energetic new identity that could be applied cohesively across all assets, including investor pitch decks, the marketing website, social graphics, email templates, and of course product design. We paired this new look with bolder messaging to improve how liveweb would be perceived out in the world.


Making the new feel familiar

liveweb had the back-end dev chops to build robust call functionality, but without an attractive and intuitive user interface, they knew people would either ignore the technology or try it and not understand how to use it. We redesigned the onboarding experience and the actual components that enable phone, video, and chat. Our goal was to make liveweb feel familiar to the technology people are already used to – except now it was on a website.


Sharing liveweb with the world

Customer acquisition can be challenging for startups. But liveweb came to Tiller with a promising partnership in mind – FrontApp. Front is a well-established team email collaboration tool that was a perfect integration option for liveweb. We helped liveweb solidify their partnership with Front and attract existing Front customers to liveweb through website messaging (on liveweb and Front) and content marketing.



The new website boasted their refreshed logo, modern UI design, and liveweb’s own product for hosting customer demos. To make the value proposition clear, we compared the old way to the liveweb way, and we designed the UI to feel fresh, approachable, engaging, and a bit techy.

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Our work isn’t over

liveweb has accomplished a lot during the initial startup phase – attracting investors, integrating with Front, onboarding new customers, and more. But our partnership is just getting started and we’re hard at work helping liveweb define and refine the ultimate business communication experience at a website. Our shared goal? Customers realizing, “I never knew how much I needed this.”

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We feel like we have our own virtual Product/Marketing team aligned with our objectives and committed to our success.

Trent Johnson
Founder & CEO, liveweb

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