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Faction delivers multi-cloud data services that connect businesses to best-in-class cloud services from multiple cloud providers at the same time. Their patented technology helps organizations of all sizes unlock more value from their data.

Why now?

As a leader in the rapidly growing multi-cloud space, Faction needed to clearly communicate the value of their offering to both business-minded and technically-inclined prospects. Prior to engaging with Tiller, their website spoke primarily to businesses interested in their co-created offering with Dell Technologies, rather than their unique services. Faction sought to clarify their key messages and tell their story in a more compelling way. They had also experienced a decline in website traffic and conversions and recognized the need for a more SEO-friendly website.

Our previous website had many technical problems that affected our SEO scoring and ability to grow traffic and increase web form conversions. We also needed help defining how we wanted to present our offerings to the world in 2021 and beyond.

Brittany Gunter, Director of Marketing, Faction

The project objectives

  • Clarify the brand and differentiate Faction’s offering from partner offerings
  • Design and build an SEO-friendly website
  • Improve user experience
  • Craft compelling messaging to drive and convert new qualified leads

What Tiller provided

  • Brand Development
  • Copywriting
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
We were surprised by how helpful the brand workshop was. I did not think that after just two days we'd be able to walk away with a direction on brand and messaging for the website -- but we absolutely did. That step was instrumental to the success of the website and ensuring alignment across all of our stakeholders at Faction.
Brittany Gunter
Director of Marketing, Faction

Brand development

Before diving into the website redesign, we took Faction through our Brand Development Workshop. The workshop helped align their team on the brand vision and key messages that would be communicated throughout the website.



We created illustrations that would communicate the messaging in a visually compelling and sophisticated way. Adding perspective brought a lot of depth, and it also allowed us to include more detail without making the graphics appear too busy.


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We put together a unique icon set that paired very well with other elements of the UI design. The icons are versatile and can be used consistently throughout the website and other marketing material.

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Architectural Schemes

Faction required very specific reference architecture diagrams to demonstrate how their solutions can help their customers achieve their cloud data goals. We opted to keep the architectural schemes clean and simple but added a level of depth for additional interest. The resulting diagrams are easy to digest, visually appealing, and on-brand.


carousel 1 4 1


Faction’s offering is incredibly technical and communicating their message through design was no small feat. We crafted sophisticated and technical illustrations that worked in tandem with copy to bring the story to life. We also worked to make their resource center more discoverable and user-friendly. This was especially critical due to the shift from in-person conferences to virtual webinars. Prior to the pandemic, many of Faction’s prospects were identified face-to-face. With that option off the table, attracting and converting leads online was paramount. We introduced more advanced filters and categories for their content, including on-demand and live webinars.

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computer graphic

The strong messaging combined with quality graphics were a game-changer. Also, the back end of our website is now so clean and easy to manage - it gives our team the power to make changes on a whim.

Our site speed has increased considerably since launch which will help improve our organic search channel and keep users on the site for longer.

Brittany Gunter,
Director of Marketing, Faction
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Tiller offers a very personalized and customized website - this isn't your run-of-the-mill website agency. They go above and beyond to ensure your brand stands out amongst competitors and has strong value-add messaging and calls-to-action.

Brittany Gunter
Director of Marketing, Faction

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We have so many more indexed pages now. Before the website rebrand, Google was reporting that only 148 pages were being indexed and regularly crawled by Google. This substantially increased post-launch by 175 additional pages. More indexed pages mean more keywords we are able to rank for, expanding our brand reach across Google's search engine and allowing more prospects to find Faction.

Brittany Gunter, Director of Marketing, Faction

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