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Eastern Slopes

Boutique coffee roasters Eastern Slopes turned to us to translate their love of coffee, fishing, and the outdoors into responsive branding and packaging design.

Our Contributions
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Collateral Design

Having a quality and comprehensive branding package will allow my company to grow well beyond where it is at now. Tiller offered us so much more than just a “label". The initial sketches were everything I wanted in a brand, but couldn't put into words or images myself. They listened to my vision, and brought it to life.

Jamie Kotlewski
01: The Challenge

Small batch roasters, Eastern Slopes Roasting Co. know the right roast for an incredible cup of coffee. But even with a deep passion for their work and a vision for their brand, Eastern Slopes knew they needed to team up with Tiller to create a brand identity and packaging to help take the company to the next level.

02: The Solution

We dug in to understand Eastern Slopes’ goals and passions. Through discovery and strategic work, we determined the company needed a truly authentic brand that reflected a love for coffee, angling, and the outdoors. It needed to be a brand that would inspire a central identity and purpose within the heart of the company, but also one that would resonate with customers and increase the opportunities for partnerships.

03: The Result

We created a memorable and responsive identity ideal for a variety of scenarios. These included everything from bags of coffee, to mugs, to signage, to an online shop. The colour palette was inspired by the Eastern Slopes of Alberta, Canada, and the typography by vintage fishing supply packaging. This utterly unique brand came to life in a way that has helped Eastern Slopes build new partnerships and catalyzed the growth of the company with consumers.

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