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Directive Consulting

Repositioning an elite SEO agency to attract enterprise level clients.


Growth in revenue

Q4 2018 - Q1 2019


Decrease in BOFU conversions

Visual rebranding & website

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

We look and sound so good! I’m still in shock at how smooth this process was. Tiller has been one of the best partners I have worked with for a website rebranding. Their approach and talent speak for themselves.

Hannah Mans
Director of Marketing, Directive Consulting

The Challenge

Creating a global brand & attracting enterprise-level clients.

In October 2018, Directive needed a change. They’d established themselves as a trustworthy brand, but they weren’t attracting the global audience or the enterprise-level clients they wanted to work with.

Directive decided to rebrand. They hired Tiller Digital to help them find visual branding that would distinguish them from start-ups in the market, communicate their experience and expertise, and attract higher tier clients.

The Solution

A brand overhaul to get in front of ideal clients.

Tiller had a tight deadline. Directive wanted to launch their new look in early December, giving Tiller less than two months to overhaul everything including their overall brand image, logo, and website design.

Tiller got to work right away, collaborating with Directive to identify their needs and define the scope of their work. Then they started their design work, including:

  • A new logo and website aligned with Directive’s end goals.
  • Colours, custom lettering for their wordmark, and typography all designed to convey “sophisticated” and “timeless” without sacrificing accessibility or readability.
  • Brand guidelines to make hand-off easy when the rebranding was complete and Directive’s internal design team took over.

In under two months, Tiller helped Directive transform their branding. They redesigned approximately 20 pages, plus their blog and case studies.

I’ve had the pleasure—and the headache—of being part of multiple rebrandings. This one, I can truly say, was a pleasure. This was the smoothest rebranding I’ve ever been a part of.

The Result

Fewer unqualified leads, resulting in +12% revenue growth

The goal of the rebrand had always been to decrease unqualified leads in Directive’s sales funnel and attract a higher tier of clients. With Tiller’s help, they realized that goal.

Six months after they launched their new website, their bottom of the funnel conversions had decreased by 52% due to SMBs naturally filtering themselves out, and they were attracting more of their ideal clients—mid-market and enterprise-level clients.

By filtering out more unqualified leads, they were able to increase their revenue by 12% from Q4 2018 to Q1 2019.

According to Director of Marketing Hannah Mans, partnering with Tiller resulted in the smoothest rebrand she’s ever been a part of.

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The goal of the rebrand was to resonate with our target audience, and now we’re seeing an influx of mid-market and enterprise-level leads coming in via our website.

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