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Case Study Buddy

Case Study Buddy is the go-to provider for case studies that sell.


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The challenge

Rebranding to attract enterprise-level clients.

Case Study Buddy’s previous branding and website had gotten them started, but Founder Joel Klettke knew they weren’t polished enough for where the company was going. Case Study Buddy needed visual rebranding, including:

  • A logo redesign to capture Case Study Buddy’s premium brand without compromising its approachable personality.
  • A new website that would scale with their growth and resonate with their target audience: larger and enterprise-level companies.

But most of all, Joel needed to work with a partner who could help him define his visual branding. He had a loose mission but he needed help giving shape to his abstract idea.

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The solution

Goal-oriented visual branding and a website redesign.

Tiller Digital has a process in place to facilitate successful brand building. It involves getting to know the client and creating a plan, designing and developing digital assets (such as websites) to help them achieve their end goals, and then reviewing and refining the assets after deployment.

In Case Study Buddy’s case, Joel and Tiller worked closely together to shape the new visual branding. They started with the logo, and eventually landed on a design that married Case Study Buddy’s down-to-earth personality with a polished new look.

Then they collaborated on the website. They worked across a wireframe to take Joel’s expert copywriting and pair it with engaging design. Typography, colour palettes, and illustration styles all came together to create a cohesive brand personality.

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The result

Over 233% revenue growth post-launch.

Since Case Study Buddy’s visual rebranding and website relaunch, revenue growth has grown by 233%. Now they average over $20,000/mo in revenue—something they’d only achieved once in the 2.5 years prior.

Best of all, Case Study Buddy’s rebrand has helped them build towards their goal. They’re now gaining more attention from big companies, and they recently signed their first Fortune 100 client.

As a company that lives and dies by referrals, Joel attributes a large part of this success to Tiller. That’s why he’s quick to refer them to any colleague that needs their big ideas, built right.

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