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When it came to untangling the knot of specific challenges afflicting Aprio’s website, Tiller was the first choice.

In October 2015, Aprio, a board portal software company, hired Material Insight to perform a website audit. Chantel Elliott and Claudia Moore, co-owners of Material Insight, knew that they’d need help to assess the site fully. They reached out to their trusted partner and long-term collaborator, Tiller.

Tiller is an agency with a creative approach and a problem-solving attitude. They’re practical, and they’re pros at developing and designing websites and applications. It speaks for itself when you have such trust and confidence in your partners.

Chantel Elliott
Senior Partner, Material Insight
01: The Challenge

Together, Tiller and Material Insight presented their website audit findings to Aprio, who then had a difficult decision to make. Only one year prior, they’d hired another vendor to completely redesign their website. Now they were being advised to redo it again, from scratch.

After reviewing the very thorough website redesign recommendations, Aprio gave them the green light. It was time for Material Insight and Tiller to put them on the map.

The website wasn’t SEO friendly; it was built on a Wordpress template with multiple plugins that slowed page loading; they were on page 20 in search results, and no one could find them.

02: The Solution

Material Insight and Tiller rolled up their sleeves and put their heads together to create a website plan that would help Aprio generate website leads, improve sales, and dominate search engine rank in their niche.

Material Insight’s relationship with its subcontractors is unique. They function as a sort of marketing VP, taking the wheel for a client’s marketing strategy and execution oversight before bringing in trusted, specialized vendors to help them execute their vision and achieve their goals.

Working with Material Insight, Tiller advised on a design that scrapped the templated website and redesigned the site from top-to-bottom. Meanwhile, Material Insight performed research on highly searched keyword phrases to create content and build inbound links that would generate new, high-quality leads.

Tiller did the wireframe, design, and development work. Their contributions included website design, search optimization, and site speed and performance improvements to foster higher quality website traffic and generate sales leads.

What a difference! Tiller built a custom website for our client. It looks fantastic, and it loads lightning fast. Client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and, even more important, it was the marketing backbone that drove sales leads.

03: The Result

Tiller and Material Insight share a mutual desire to create websites that look great, attract customers, and generate leads and revenue for their clients.

The results of their collaboration speak for themselves. Within a year of launching the new site, Aprio’s website leads increased by a whopping 82%. The new website also supported a 20% leap in sales growth.

The finished website far exceeded their client’s expectations. As Aprio’s founder, John Kidder said: “This [website] is WAY BETTER. Nice look, easy to get around, good sales points, good general information. I am very pleased with this effort—looks professional and up to date.”

This [website] is much improved. Nice look, easy to get around, good sales points, good general information. I am very pleased with this effort—looks professional and up to date.

John Kidder
Founder, Aprio

Within a year, we grew web leads by more than 80%. A great design, a great performing site, and a great collaborative web team were key to that growth.

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