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UX Design

UX design produces positive or negative reactions from your users as they navigate your website. The best products and services in the world can be sabotaged by a bad (or nonexistent) UX design strategy on your website. We make sure your site gets it right.



We start all design work by looking at the core business drivers for your website. These things are just as important as any web design decisions we’ll make later on. This means we make sure to understand what you’re trying to achieve and how you’ll measure success.

We also explore any potential problems or challenges we might come across and look at various content approaches to meet your business goals. Then we carefully select which of the following sequential processes and tools we’ll employ as part of the UX design phase.



In the research phase, we learn about your industry, competitors and develop audience profiles so we understand exactly who will be visiting your site and what they need and want.


Audience Profiles

Building audience profiles helps us identify the core characteristics of the users you wish to reach on your website, particularly their key problems, needs and wants. We tailor the remaining steps of the process to these profiles.



We develop an outline or map of your website’s content so your users and search engines like Google can effectively navigate the experience. This is especially important for search rankings.


Information Architecture

Information architecture helps our web designers make your website understandable for your users, drawing from both their specific needs and wants – and your business goals.


User Journey Mapping

We create user journey maps (often using step-by-step flowcharts) to inform how users navigate your website and access information. It’s also a critical input into driving conversions.


User Stories

User stories are simplified expressions of your users’ goals while on your website. They provide clear information to guide our design decisions so your users can always find what they need.


Wireframing & Prototyping

These are useful low-fi ways to represent the digital experience. Wireframes are effectively blueprints while prototypes are clickable expressions that simulate the user journey and interactions.



This phase ensures we have designed the right experience for your users. It includes methods such as usability testing, A/B testing, heat mapping, and analytics. Here, we validate our decisions and identify areas for improvement.

The goal of the rebrand was to resonate with our target audience, and now we’re seeing an influx of mid-market and enterprise-level leads coming in via our website.

Hannah Mans
Director of Marketing, Directive Consulting

UI Design

UI design is where we create the visual components your users interact with on your website. To put it bluntly: it’s what they see on-screen and what they click on. We ensure all the UI design elements on your website are clear and appealing, using the steps laid out below.



Our designers gather imagery, typography, language phrases, and colour palette options so you can assess and influence the design choices we’ll make as we design your website.


High-fidelity mockups

High-fidelity mockups add visual style and details to the low-fidelity work done in the UX phase. They bring the experience closer to what users see and provide input for our web developers.


Style Guide

We create a style guide with rules for the use of all visual elements and UI design on your website. This creates coherence for users and provides instruction for developers building the site.

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We felt like Tiller loved the product as much as we did, and we could see that they cared about how it would impact the end user. They shared our values, and that's the kind of company you want to partner with.

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