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Your brand strategy is critical to your marketing and sales success.

Developing a brand strategy not only helps you develop a new logo and website but provides critical guidance for all your messaging and marketing activities. A potent brand strategy is the foundation you need to build brand equity with your customers and prospects.

Build your brand, starting with the core brand elements.

The core brand elements are the DNA of your brand. They directly inform key communication activities like your marketing campaigns and social media strategy. They also provide guidance for key visual assets like corporate logos. Your core brand elements also provide guidance for all creative personnel working on your brand and create a true north for what your brand is – and isn’t.

Each client has a different need for brand strategy support so we first work to understand, through auditing, research and discussion, exactly what will create the most value for your company. Then we’ll provide you with a recommended package to help elevate your brand.

We help you get on message – and stay on message.

If the core brand elements define why your company is different, special and valuable and provide the architecture for your brand, the key messages get very specific about exactly what to say about your company and its key products and services.

We work with you to define the key messages our copywriters will use to write copy for your website, and that your team can use in all corporate communications and marketing activities.

Tiller definitely contributed to our recent success. The work they did on our logo and website gave us credibility and legitimacy with a whole new tier of audience.

Joel Klettke
Founder, Case Study Buddy

Visual brand identity is more than just a logo.

We love creating brilliant logos for our clients. But our work doesn’t stop there. We regularly produce a full suite of visual brand assets, from social media graphics, to pitch decks, to annual reports and beyond. View our full list of available assets below.

And of course, everything we do visually is informed by our business branding services. A powerful, memorable brand always has strong cohesion between its core brand elements and its visuals.

  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Slide decks
  • Email signature
  • Annual reports
  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Apparel
  • Blog graphics
  • Social media graphics
  • Event graphics
  • Case studies

Protect your brand with clear brand guidelines.

Brand guidelines help maintain the integrity of your brand by providing clear instructions on how best to implement your visual elements. Expanded brand guidelines include full documentation of all your brand strategy and key messaging work as well, creating a single ‘bible’ for your brand and your company.


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Tiller took care of me on all accounts - the work was incredible, they knew when to lead and when to follow, their pricing was more than fair for the value I got out of it, and what they’ve built me is unquestionably an enormous asset for my business now, and for the years to come. I cannot recommend them highly enough, and they’ll continue to be the agency I choose when I need something remarkable.

Joel Klettke
Founder, Case Study Buddy

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