A team built for tech.

We are branding and web design experts with different backgrounds and different skill sets. But we have one thing in common: we believe that technology is changing the world for good. Together, we’re committed to helping software companies disrupt industries and positively impact lives.
I believe technology can make life better or simpler for people. I enjoy creating intuitive and functional User Interfaces for SaaS businesses that pair well with clear messaging.
Andrew Argue
UI Designer at Tiller
Technology is powerful. But only if people understand how it can help. I love translating complex information into clear value that everyone can understand.
Meredith Papps
Copywriter at Tiller
It's great hearing the excitement tech and SaaS customers have about their offering. I enjoy being part of the team that helps those customers infuse that passion into their brand and website.
Jeremy Sincennes
Project Manager at Tiller
I am inspired to work in tech and software because technology opens doors and can create the impossible. It enables design solutions to break through barriers of time, location, and accessibility. By designing from a human-centered approach, we are able to speak directly to the user’s needs.
Sara Niinimaa
UX Designer at Tiller
Technology is the future. Working with tech and SaaS brands means working in the fastest-growing, fastest-changing sector. If you're passionate about growth and like challenges, this industry has a lot to offer.
Sunny Bagga
Account Manager at Tiller
Tech and Saas companies are created to solve their customers’ problems. We are here to be the bridge between companies and customers. As a developer who loves to solve problems, I am glad to be a part of that!
Shanice Talan
Developer at Tiller

Yes, teamwork does in fact make the dream work.

Small enough for close collaboration. Deep enough for skill and experience.
Andrew Argue
Arun Swamy
Motion Designer
Meredith Papps
Kelsey M 1
Kelsey Marks
Sara Niinimaa
UX Designer
Jessie Udah
Natalia Belousova
Brand Designer
Freddy 1
Freddy Meynard
Art Director
Vishu Mahajan
Head of Design
Jason 2
Jason Mathis
Brand Strategist
Ryan DeGama
Brand Strategist
Linda Williams
Brand + Marketing Strategist
Steve Calibo
Digital Marketing Specialist
Quentin 1
Quentin Chown
Cailan 1
Cailan Lay
Shanice Talan
Ryan Kingston
Karen Sule
jeremy v 1
Jeremy Van Staalduine
Head of Technology
Michelle 2
Michelle Forge
Project Manager
Sunny B
Sunny Bagga
Account Manager
Jeremy Sincennes
Project Manager
Laura Kay
Account Manager
Josh Lewis
Project Manager
phil l 1
Phil Leffelaar
Account Manager
Leona Moser
Human Resources Manager
Jared Nudd
Business Development
Carol Farquharson
Finance Manager
Darlene Haslam
Chief Financial Officer
Brandon Nickerson
Chief Operating Officer
Chantelle Little
Founder & CEO

SaaS. MacBooks. Treat Tuesday. Intrigued?


Our steadfast leaders.

Chantelle and Brandon are the perfect match as business partners. Partly because they’re the same. And partly because they’re different. They share a passion for technology and creative excellence. And with complementary expertise in business and design, they have a bit of a left-brain, right-brain thing going on.

Chantelle founded Tiller Digital back in 2008 and did everything from project management to copywriting herself. But even at age 19, she knew she wanted to build the business into something more. Over the years, the business, team, capabilities, and client list grew, and in 2017, Brandon joined Tiller as Chantelle’s business partner and Chief Design Officer.

Under Chantelle and Brandon’s leadership, Tiller continues to grow, evolve, and deliver more value to SaaS and tech brands across North America. They fervently believe that there are no ceilings on what this team can accomplish together.

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Our Culture
Creativity flows freely here. So does the coffee.
“No Ceilings” is our team motto.
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Your team + our team.
Anything is possible.

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