Brand Identity

What is brand identity?

Brand identity guides the visual elements that distinguish your brand in a sea of competitors. Brand identity crystalizes your logo, colour palette, typography, and other brand assets for consistent use across your business. 

Why is brand identity important?

Brand identity goes well beyond aesthetics. It represents your business as a whole. When done intentionally and consistently, a strong brand identity increases your business’ credibility, memorability, and trust. 

Signs it’s time for a brand identity refresh:
  • Customers see your brand and expect lower prices
  • You’re attracting disqualified leads 
  • Messaging and brand visuals aren’t lining up 
  • Your brand doesn’t look, feel, or sound the same everywhere 
  • Visuals look outdated
  • Brand equity is stagnant (or decreasing)
How to build and strengthen your brand identity
Determine your strategy 

Analyze your business and market space to uncover brand strengths, weaknesses, and needs. Craft your brand identity according to your target audience and market positioning.  

Hire experts

Choose an agency to design your logo, colour palette, typography, and other brand assets to best suit your unique business needs. 

Systemize your brand identity

Brand identity is a process not a destination. Continue to revisit and upgrade your brand identity as your business shifts and grows. Update your marketing assets every time you make a change to maintain brand integrity. 

How to implement brand identity

Once you’ve done the strategic work, inject your brand identity into everything you do. 

Brand development

Define or refine your brand goals, audience personas, key differentiators, and more to inspire your visual elements.

Logo design

Explore sketches, styles, and colours that align with your core values, and brand personality.

Content marketing

Use consistent and custom graphics and photography in your content marketing from blogs to Instagram. 

Email campaigns

Create branded email templates for you to use in drip campaigns, newsletters, company updates, and more.

Case studies

Design case studies with your colour palette, typography, and style so every success story points back to your brand.

Annual reports

Brand reports for financial reviews, stakeholder updates, and AGMs.

Presentation templates

Custom-design presentation templates that can be used for investor decks, internal presentations, and more.


Get custom brochures for all of your digital or print marketing needs. Include graphics, illustrations, and even professional photography services and stay on brand. 


Distribute company letterhead that represents your brand. Follow specific brand guidelines to ensure the proper application of your colour palette, logo, and typography.

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