Tiller launches The Pixel Project: A Calgary design initiative

Chantelle Little May 9, 2022 2 min read Tiller
The Pixel Project launch announcement

Maybe you’ve dreamed of being a designer your whole life. Or maybe COVID inspired a career pivot. Whatever your story, you’re ready to kickstart your career.

But what’s next?

Graphic design, web design, product UX or UI? Industry, agency, startup, or freelance?

There are so many paths you could take. It’s an exciting season! But it can be an overwhelming and even lonely time.

The problem: Designers feel isolated and ill-equipped

We rub shoulders with a lot of designers in Calgary. Over the years we’ve heard comments like:

  • “It will take me forever to get a job.”
  • “What if I can’t get a job?”
  • “People are going to find out that I don’t know what I’m doing.”
  • “I wish I had someone to talk to for design industry advice.”
  • “Where do I start in my job search?”
  • “I’m not confident in my skills.”
  • “I feel like I have to know everything about design.”
  • “I don’t have enough experience.”
  • “My portfolio isn’t good enough.”
  • “I wish someone would just give me a shot.”

At the same time, we’ve observed a real need for more design talent in Calgary. Alberta’s tech economy is booming and (now more than ever) we need talented designers who can bring brands, websites, products, and marketing to life.

The idea: What if we started working together?

So – we’ve got a city full of new designers who need support and mentorship, a generation of designers who want to give back, and a city full of companies in need of design talent.

What if we could bridge the gap?

After years of dreaming and planning, we rolled up our sleeves and decided: We can and we will be part of the solution.

The project: A community initiative with a nerdy design name

We are thrilled to announce that we are launching The Pixel Project, a community initiative that brings together students, new grads, career pivoters, and seasoned creatives to connect, learn, and grow.

We believe that when we all work together, we can build a strong community of designers in our own backyard. More connections, hands-on learning opportunities, and support. Less isolation, doubts, and discouragement.

Over the last number of months, we’ve talked with our own designers and others in the community about what would serve them best. These conversations have fueled our mission and flooded our minds with ways we can help.

As we step into the latter half of 2022, we will be engaging in a number of ways:


We’ll be hosting documentary screenings, in-person workshops, networking sessions, and mentorship opportunities for designers and the design-curious. If you haven’t already, register for our first event on May 26th. Our first few events will help us learn even more about how we can support the design community.


We will be working with experienced Calgary designers to create resources that support skill development, career path exploration, and mindset growth.


Exciting partnerships with local educational institutions, businesses, and non-profit organizations are already in the works (and we’re just getting started). Stay tuned for more details! If you’re interested in partnering with The Pixel Project, email morgan@tillerdigital.com.

Calgary creatives, this one’s for you

At Tiller, we truly believe you can achieve anything (No Ceilings!). Our mission is to help Calgary’s creatives (yes, you!) explore their full potential. We can’t wait to meet you and get growing together.

To learn more about The Pixel Project and sign up for our newsletter, check out thepixelproject.ca.

Attend our kickoff event.

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