liveweb launches the customer engagement platform for digital marketers – “liveweb AGENCY”

Tiller Digital February 1, 2022 2 min read Tiller
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Tiller Digital, a North American creative agency for leading SaaS and technology businesses, has engaged liveweb – the integrated customer engagement platform – to develop and deploy liveweb AGENCY, a customer engagement platform that enables agency sales and relationship management teams to interact and collaborate directly with prospective clients in real-time via the agency’s own website. With integrated live voice and video calls, chat, file and screen sharing on a fast, secure, and easy-to-use service platform, liveweb eliminates the need for separate telephone numbers, third-party video conferencing tools, and chat services.

Tiller selected liveweb as its technology vendor for its unique and innovative ability to deliver secure, collaborative technology at scale, integrated seamlessly into websites and workflow. liveweb offers high-fidelity live, web-based audio-video communications combined with architecture powering API, analytics, CRM and sales automation integrations to accelerate growth and enrich the client experience for agencies and their clients.

“In sales, being available and responsive is the difference between winning and losing the deal. liveweb offers us something that forms can’t: the ability to connect in real-time with our prospects at the exact moment they express interest on our website. It saves us and our prospects the time and effort typically spent on forms, email, and third-party video conferencing tools. liveweb will ensure that Tiller is the most responsive agency on the market.” – Chantelle Little, Founder & CEO, Tiller Digital

Digital transformation continues to raise the expectations of B2B clients. According to Salesforce’s recently released State of Marketing 2021, the top priority and challenge for marketers is: “Engaging with customers in real-time.”

“Faster response times for website visitors increase conversion rates and reduce sales cycle time and missed client opportunities.” (Source: Lead Response Management Survey)

  • B2B sales teams are 100x more likely to make contact with prospects they respond to in under 5 minutes
  • Sales conversions with website visitors are 391% higher in the first minute
  • 78% of customers buy from the first responder

This is creating demand for rapid response and a need to engage with clients in real-time on their preferred communication channels and schedule.

“Businesses are spending hundreds of billions of dollars annually on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online advertising to get customers to their websites and then have no direct way of connecting with them –come to our website and then dial a phone number? It doesn’t make sense. Website communications today consist of Chat services trying to capture contact information, a step up from email forms. Progressive agencies like Tiller Digital recognize the ability to connect with a website visitor in real-time at the website as a competitive advantage and are leveraging the liveweb customer engagement platform to increase sales conversions (CRO), reduce sales cycle times, and drive growth for themselves and their clients.” – Trent Johnsen Co-founder, CEO, liveweb

The liveweb AGENCY solution – with integrations for B2B tools like Front, Slack, Zapier, and Hubspot – closes the digital distance between an agency and its clients and provides instant, secure, live connectivity on the client’s preferred platform.

About liveweb:
liveweb is the website-integrated, live Customer Engagement Platform. liveweb powers business communications for leading businesses globally with integrations into websites and B2B workflow tools including Front, Slack, Hubspot, and Zapier. The new alternative to traditional business telephone technology, third-party video conferencing, and siloed chat services, liveweb solutions are built and integrated to automate and innovate B2B sales and Customer Experience workflows. For more information, visit

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